Top Tips for Visiting the Costa del Sol off-peak

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Off-peak Costa del Sol Holidays

They say that a dog isn’t just for Christmas, well in the same way, the Costa del Sol is not just for summer! It is a wonderful destination for an off-peak break, whether it’s to enjoy the lovely autumn or spring time, or to bask in some winter sun.

We are pleased to see that more people are visiting in September and October, with many hotels reporting 100% occupancy throughout September, and much higher occupancy rates for October too. It’s a wonderful time to visit, with glorious sunshine and lots still going on. Check out our list of autumn events on the Costa del Sol.

Hotels, restaurants and airlines are responding to the increased interest in off-peak tourism, staying open longer and offering more attractive packages for off-peak travel. Budget airline Ryanair has announced that they are increasing their flights by 43% over the winter into Malaga, so there will be even more affordable travel options for off-peak visitors.

Travelling off-peak is a great budget option, with flights and accommodation costs coming down drastically and so you can stay for longer, or choose a more luxurious option for the same amount, or simply enjoy the amazing savings.

Here are four tips for making the most of an off-peak holiday on the Costa del Sol –

  1. Choose a location with lots of amenities which are open year round – Being more central, or within easy access of things to do is more important in the winter, when some resorts and urbanisations can become very quiet. Larger towns such as Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Marbella and Estepona are always busy throughout the year, so you can still enjoy the buzz if you’re located nearby.
  2. Pack for cooler evenings – Day time temperatures are usually lovely and bright sunshine is the norm throughout the year, but make sure you pack some layers to make sure you’re comfortable in the evening as well. We’d suggest having a light jacket or jumper with you or a shawl so that as the sun goes down you can adjust and enjoy the al fresco lifestyle, whilst staying warm.
  3. Select accommodation fit for the winter – It really doesn’t get cold here in the winter, but properties designed for the summer can feel chilly, so we’d recommend that you choose a property with a fireplace and heating so that you feel cozy in the evenings, as well as being able to take advantage of the lovely temperatures and sunshine during the day. A holiday rental is a good option over a hotel, as even if the weather is cool or there’s a spot of rain, you can have the space and flexibility to relax and enjoy.
  4. Try an active holiday – The Costa del Sol has an amazing selection of sports and outdoor activities and autumn and winter is the best time to do it. Look into hiking routes, or try climbing the iconic mountain La Concha, book to walk the Caminito del Rey, take to the fairways for a spot of golf, or try out padel tennis, one of the national sports. Check out our golf discount card for amazing discounts and competitions.

Enjoy our guide to holidaying on the Costa del Sol and browse our great selection of holiday rental properties on our website and see the amazing deals for off-peak visits. Please ask us for any advice, or our favourite holiday rentals for the autumn and winter, to make sure you have an amazing holiday.

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