Flamenco deemed intangible heritage

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Flamenco got a well deserved boost in November by being named as an intangible heritage by a UNESCO intergovernmental committee. They have added it to their Urgent Safeguarding List and the Representative List which shows just how important they feel it is to the World’s culture and I must agree.

Flamenco is a passionate, exciting, raw dance which represents the Spanish spirit brilliantly and you can watch fantastic flamenco shows all over Spain. I must say that I am surprised that they felt the need to include it on the Urgent Safeguarding list, as it is alive and well everywhere I have ever visited in Spain. Every local fiesta features flamenco dancing and men and women of all ages dress up in the traditional gear and dance all day and night. There are also lots of flamenco classes and it seems standard for children to learn at least the basics.

Seville and Jerez claim to be the birthplace of flamenco and there are some fantastic clubs to watch it in. But even in Marbella there’s a very authentic little place called Ana Maria Flamenco in the Old Town which puts on twice nightly shows  throughout the year. There is also a highly regarded extravaganza in the Torrequebrada Hotel in Benalmadena. We have a list of flamenco shows, restaurants, golf courses and much more in our Marbella Guide which you can download from our website for free with contact details for all of the places to go and things to see in the area.

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