Easter on the Costa del Sol

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Easter celebrations on the Costa del Sol

With Spain predominately being a Catholic country, the Easter celebrations play a huge part of Spanish tradition. Easter week (Semana Santa) celebrations in Malaga are particularly famous for their processions from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. Each church has a brotherhood (Cofradia) of men who carry heavy pasos (religious statues) demonstrating their devotedness to the Catholic faith. Some of Malaga’s most well known processions are held on Palm Sunday, the Children’s Pollinica procession being one of them. This is the first paso taken to the streets of Malaga every year.

Another famous procession on Palm Sunday is the Cofradia del Cristo de la Esperanza en su Gran Amor, traditionally pilgrims are meant to carry the paso on their knees proving their religious dedication. This procession and many others within the holy week give the spectators a real taste of Malaga’s exclusive and distinctive celebrations.

The days leading up to Easter Sunday are full of traditional fiestas and display of colour, music and religious devotion with members of different Easter brotherhoods, locals and tourists all joining in and parading the streets. Tourists flock to the Costa del Sol at Easter time for the experience and join in on this special religious week. If you’re looking to spend your Easter holiday on the Costa del Sol, take a look at our website for a variety of holiday rentals.

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